Alterraun Verner Foundation

The purpose of starting this foundation is to have an outlet to give back to the community in various ways. I know I will be contacting certain charities now and in the near future to help donate to. I know I would like to help youth football programs and high schools to get better equipment and things of that nature. I would like to provide services such as SAT prep classes and various camps for the kids to learn and grow both physically and intellectually. Through this foundation I am able to put all these ideas into one concentrated area.

Alterraun Verner Football camp

From Alterraun.........

The purpose of the camp is to give back to my community in a way that is familiar to me. That is coaching football. I want to take these kids and surround them with powerful, inspirational people that they can respond to. So, I will have current players, and college players out there to give these kids a clear vision of what they are striving for which is mostly to get into a college, gain a degree and to make the NFL. They will also help instruct along with my alma mater coaches on drills to better themselves. Also I want to bring some fun and competition for local pop warner groups to have them prepare for their upcoming seasons.

The reason why it is a free camp is to allow more kids to participate. I remember times growing up where my friends wouldn't be able to go to certain camps because of the costs. I remember there were certain camps I couldn't go to because of costs. So I would rather people worry about the substance/quality of the camp instead of the financial side of the camp. So this is why I decided to have it free to allow every kid an equal right to participate and learn!

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